What our Customers say...


Kristin and Felix were absolutely fantastic! I will continue to use SERVPRO based solely on their excellent work!

Extremely caring and knowledgeable team!

Jamal and E were very professional. Got the job done quick and clean. Would definitely recommend these gentlemen and company to anyone.

Jamal and his entire team did a fantastic job! TJ, Mark and Dorian were professional and made sure to accommodate us in every way, even if it made their job harder. They did what they said they would, which can be hard to find anymore. I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone wanting professional, complete service at a fair price.

Colton and Mark were on time, professional and quick working! Honestly, just two great guys all around too. The kind of people you would trust with your home or business.

Jay and Darryl were fantastic! They kept me informed during everything they did to mitigate the water damage. They did a great job! Thanks Jay and Darryl.

They were very sensitive to my 100 year old dying mother who was there. Very considerate people and great to work with.

After massive water damage SERVPRO sent Colton, Mark and Joel to access and demo our site. Colton and Mark demoed the area and made sure there was no evidence of odors lingering or wet areas that could cause future damage. Each were professional and knew what they needed to do and worked diligently. to finish the job.

SERVPRO really came to the rescue when my basement flooded.

So thankful for the awesome people at SERVPRO that came to my house on a Saturday at 8 am to help me after a washing machine leak in my laundry room.

Easy and quick! Kept me informed throughout the process. I am very thankful for SERVPRO.

Fast and excellent service! Would recommend to anyone!

Awesome company that responded really quickly and helped me get my business back up and running after a water loss.

Fantastic team, fantastic service!


We could not be more happier with the services from SERVPRO.  We are very satisfied and would defiantly use again if needed in the future.  The team was very knowledgeable and professional. 

SERVPRO was extremely helpful.  They responded immediately and began clean up.  We are very grateful.  Thank you.

I am very impressed with the work done to remove the mold from our home.   I could not have asked for a better team!  Great work. 

SERVPRO was very professional and polite.  I am very impressed with the work.  They could not have done a better job. Great work. 

We are very grateful for the work done by SERVPRO.  We were able to get our business back open and return to normal business hours.  We will defiantly use them if needed in the future. 

We were very satisfied with the work done by SERVPRO.  I am very impressed with the level of expertise and knowledge of the team.  Thank you. 

Thank you for the great team at SERVPRO.  We are very satisfied with the work.  We would defiantly use them again in the future if needed. 

We are very thankful for the team.  I am very impressed with the level of service from them.  Very satisfied. 

We could not be more satisfied with the team at SERVPRO.  Great work!

We had a great experience with SERVPRO.  I could not have asked for a better company to work with.  I am very impressed with the knowledge of the team. 

SERVPRO was very professional and polite.  I am very satisfied with the work done and clean up process.  Thank you. 

What a wonderful crew! I can't say enough great things about each and every person who came to my home, you all gave us hope for a quick return into our safe and clean home! 

I couldn't imagine trying to do what they do on my own, I am so appreciative of the quick response and attention to detail this crew has displayed. Thank you

We are so happy to be home and that wouldn't be possible without your amazing team. Thank you for your care and attention! 

The SERVPRO team did an amazing job cleaning up the main sewer line backup into my basement. A special thanks to the crew: Vlad, Adaneh, Anthony, Jamal, Jeremy and Billy. They are a great bunch of young men. You should be proud of them!

Thank you for taking the time to explain all of the processes, you are the best and we really appreciate you!

I wanted to say thank you for the quick return of all of our stuff from SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown. I could not be more impressed, not only was everything cleaned like new and packed with care, it was also completely absent of any odor. It was like a mini Christmas, opening the boxes and seeing what was salvaged.

All of the team members on the crew who came out to take care of our family home were outstanding. Maybe try and clone these people! All of these individuals you hired are the best.

We had a fire in our home on 6.7.16. Needless to say it was devastating. We know you company deals with these situations every day and I am sure you receive a lot of reviews thanking your team but our experience was different than most. The team became part of our family. Matt worked with us every day and when a friend of ours had a fire we recommended you and told them to request Matt. Their insurance provided had already called you guys and Matt was already assigned to their job. A sign of relief was shared by all and we couldn’t have been happier.

My wife’s grandmother’s porcelain bowl, that was over 120 years old, was damaged by the firefighters. When you took it and it was returned it was more beautiful than ever. She cried when she saw it… irreplaceable. Thank you and please give everyone on the crew who took care of us a special thank you from our family!

We would like to say thank you for the time and hard work you and your team put in to saving the contents of our home. All the little things I was concerned about were kept safe and returned to us. Thank you and your team for being so caring and professional.

Your company is TOP NOTCH! Your hard work and attention to detail makes our lives easier during this tough time, thank you.

Just a note to say “thank you” for the immediate response, extremely thorough job and dedication that your team devoted to us!

Thank you for the fine service provided to us by SERVPRO….it would have been extremely difficult to navigate our water disaster without you all!!  Would highly recommend your service to others.

This SERVPRO team was fantastic. 100% satisfaction from me and my family. Huge thank you to Matt! 

Prompt, thorough, great communication! Josh is a jewel! Thank you!

Everyone has been polite, professional, respectful and helpful.  Thank You!

Real good job, hard workers.

Good guys, good service! Thanks!

I would have been lost without your help!