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Sewer Backing Up? Contact SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown for Help!

12/10/2020 (Permalink)

sewer back up restoration cleaning kansas city Sewage backup in a Kansas City home.

Out of all of the possible disaster scenarios from flooding, to fire and electrical storms, the one disaster that so many of us are most afraid of is a sewer backup, and for good reason, it’s downright disgusting! Can you imagine walking into your bathroom to find that either your toilet, bathtub, or both are backed up and flooding over with human feces? Of course not! Unless of course you have or are currently experiencing this nightmare.

As a homeowner, you’re accustomed to the weight of responsibility. You pay your bills and keep up on maintenance tasks around your property. You don’t just do this out of obligation, you do it out of a noble sense of pride. So what do you do when you experience a sewage backup and your home is being flooded over with liquid fecal matter?

The short answer is to call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown right away! For formality’s sake, we’ll give you the long answer in this article. Although you can repair some of the damage by yourself, it’s certainly not recommended. Companies like SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown are highly experienced in these matters. That’s why calling SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown is the smart choice to make when facing a sewage backup and the resulting damages to your property.

How to Know When You Have a Potential Serious Sewage Backup Problem

So how do you know when you have a potentially serious sewage backup problem on your hands? Usually, you can get some kind of warning sign from your home that tells you that you’re about to experience a serious sewage backup problem.

The most obvious warning signs involve sewage coming out of alternative outputs when you flush the toilet or run the washing machine. Odds are, if sewage starts shooting out into your bathtub after you either flush the toilet or do laundry, you’ve got a serious sewage backup problem on your hands.

Consequences of Ignoring Early Warning Signs of a Sewage Backup

If you choose to ignore any signs of a potential sewage backup problem, you’re just asking for a bigger problem later on down the line. In fact, if you are experiencing sewage coming up through the pipes of certain appliances when you flush a different appliance, it's a clear warning sign that you're experiencing a serious potential risk of a sewage backup. In this case, it’s time to call a professional, it’s time to call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown.

Common Causes of Sewage Backups

There are several common causes of sewage backups, none of them are pleasant. Although no one ever really wants to deal with a sewage backup, these things happen anyway from time to time, and when they do, it’s important to know why.

If you live in town, clogged drainage lines within the city sewer system can cause a major sewage backup and wreak havoc on your home. Alternatively, a sewage backup may be caused by flooding or soil settlement. When the soil that supports drainage lines gets washed away, the lines can collapse, resulting in a nasty sewage backup that can cause significant damage to your home.

When You See Sewage Coming Out of the Faucet, it’s Time to Call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown

SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown is the preferred solution for sewage backups and other extreme cleanup and restoration situations. If your home has a sewage backup, or if you suspect that one is underway, it’s time to call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown and have it taken care of before it gets any worse!

Worried about a sewage backup? Have a chat with the experts at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown before it’s too late!

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