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Tips for Preventing Commercial Water Damage

11/6/2020 (Permalink)

preventing commercial water damage in Kansas City - image of flooded bathroom Water damage in a Kansas City commercial building.

Commercial buildings can make you a lot of money depending on what you do with them. Whether you own a series of stores or warehouses, it’s imperative that you protect your commercial property from water damage.

One of the worst things for a commercial building, or any building for that matter, is water damage. The more that you invest in water damage prevention, the more money you’ll save down the line. Here are some key water damage prevention tips to help you save money on commercial maintenance, restoration, and repairs.

Keep Your Roof and Windows Well-Maintained

A roof that’s in poor condition is one of the leading causes of water damage to both homes and commercial buildings. Once the roof starts to fall into disrepair, the interior of the structure will be exposed to the elements. Rainfall and snow can get in through the cracks or holes in your roof and start causing some serious damage.

Poorly maintained windows are another common source of water damage. When the seal goes, water flows, and you’ll have water pouring into the building every time it rains.

Try to keep the area around any windows in the building free of clutter. A buildup of clutter like crates or overhead materials can make it hard to spot a leak around the seam of the window. The sooner you spot a leak, the less expensive it will be to have repaired.

By keeping the roof and windows well-maintained, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of experiencing serious water damage.

Commit to a Regular Maintenance Schedule on Pipes and Plumbing Systems

Some of the most devastating cases of water damage to commercial buildings involve problems with pipes and plumbing. Most of these problems could have been avoided by having routine maintenance performed on the pipes and plumbing systems.

For commercial buildings, it’s recommended that you have the pipes and plumbing system inspected once a year, or at least biannually.

Unless you schedule the inspection on a day that you’d normally be closed, you’ll probably need to close down the building on the day of the inspection. This might mean that you miss out on a little business. At the end of the day, missing one day’s worth of business is trivial compared to how long you’d have to stay closed if the building has been flooded from busted pipes.

Update Appliances and Clean Out Your HVAC

HVAC units generate a lot of water through condensation. When they’re not cleaned out or properly maintained, that water can end up in your building and cause a lot of damage. Many HVAC systems are equipped with a condensation reservoir, but if that reservoir isn’t cleaned out regularly, the excess water will begin to cause damage to your building.

All kinds of commonly used appliances in commercial buildings can leak if they're older or in disrepair and cause surprisingly extensive water damage. The most common way that appliances can cause serious water damage in a commercial building is when the leak is caused by ruptured hoses. In order to prevent this from happening and saving yourself some money, not to mention a killer headache, be sure to keep the building’s appliances updated and in good condition.

Make Commercial Water Damage Disappear by Calling SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown

While these tips will certainly help you keep your commercial structures safe from water damage, anything can happen. If your building has water damage, you can trust the professional technicians at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown to repair, refresh, and restore the property.

When your commercial building has water damage, it’s time to call the experts at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown!

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