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How to Remove Odors from Your Commercial Building

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

remove odors commercial building kansas city Bad odors being removed from a commercial building in Kansas City.

One of the most challenging and frustrating aspects of owning a commercial building is the removal and eradication of unpleasant odors. Most commercial buildings are built to last for a long time and over the years. Unfortunately, they tend to accumulate some truly horrific odors, especially when there are other troubles afoot such as mold or water damage. Breathe easy with this quick guide on how to get rid of all of those terrible odors and restore your building to its former, clean-smelling glory.

Common Odors in Commercial Buildings

There’s a variety of common odors that end up affecting most commercial buildings at one time or another. One of the most common of these is the offensive odors that are found in the carpeting. When you think about it, there’s a lot of nasty stuff on carpets throughout commercial buildings all over the nation. Carpets collect every imprint, every footstep, and with them, they collect the odors from those footsteps. They also collect everything that anyone has ever spilled before.

Carpets also collect an unbelievable amount of human sweat. Just think about all of the sweaty faces you’ve seen throughout the building over time, especially in the Summer months. Office buildings are notorious for having sweaty carpets that smell bad.  Have you ever walked into an office building and immediately detect a terrible, foul-smelling odor that you can’t place? It just might be the sweat from everyone who has worked and visited that building over several years. Of course, it could be a lot of other things too, things best left unmentioned.

Gyms have odors that can make the smells you’d find in an office building seem trivial in comparison. These facilities have people that produce excessive amounts of sweat through exercise, and where does that sweat go? The carpet.

Sweat, dried food, and 10-year-old macchiatos aren’t the only things that can make carpets smell terrible. They can also smell musty! A musty odor emanating from the carpet makes your entire building seem shoddy, which can inevitably turn customers off fast. Remember, bad odor in a carpet can be caused by anything from black mold, sewage loss, or dirty water from a previous flood.

How to Remove Foul Odors From Carpets in a Commercial Space

Now that you know more about what types of odors can settle into the carpet throughout your commercial building, it’s time to take a look at the best way to get rid of that odor before it starts driving employees and customers away.

It all starts with identifying the source, followed by systematic eradication of the odor or group of odors in question. The single most effective way to get rid of bad carpet odors in a commercial building is to partner with a professional extreme cleaning service like SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown.  

Although you could have the carpet scrubbed, steamed and cleaned by conventional means, odds are you’ll still end up with traces of the foul odor left over. 

Got Bad Carpet Odor? Give SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown a Call

Bad carpet odor is nothing to mess around with as the owner of a commercial building, especially if it’s a restaurant. While some folks might be more understanding if the carpet in a gym smells a little funky, that’s not the case for restaurants, office buildings, and other businesses.

SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown can remove any odor from any carpet, if we can’t get the odor out, it’s time to buy new carpeting!

Any time you detect a foul odor coming from the carpet of your commercial building, do yourself, your business, and your customers a favor by having a chat with the specialists at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown.

Fire Safety Tips for Your Home

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

fire safety tips home kansas city Fire damage in a Kansas City bedroom.

There are many things in life that we can replace somewhat easily. One thing that cannot be replaced so easily, is your home. For many of you, a home is irreplaceable. Your home is where you make some of your most precious memories. It’s a place that’s special to you and your family, and it’s the place that you feel safe and well. A fire can total a home and cause enormous damage. That damage will have to be repaired. While the emotional damage will take time to heal, SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown has the manpower and the expertise to restore your home and reverse the fire damage.

Although SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown is more than capable of taking care of any damages from a fire, it’s always best to prevent house fires in the first place. Here are some practical tips to help you prevent a house fire. 

Fire Safety Essentials

When it comes to house fires there are a few essentials that every homeowner should take into account. You should always have a functioning smoke detector in your home to help warn you when a fire has started. If something started as a small fire, hearing the alarm from a smoke detector can give you a chance to put the fire out before it grows larger and more dangerous. Of course, if the fire is already quite large, your focus should be on safely getting yourself and any pets or loved ones out of the house.

It’s good practice to check your smoke detectors once every month or so to ensure that they are still working properly. If the smoke detector isn’t working, try replacing the batteries and check it again before replacing the unit entirely. You should also have an escape plan that you and your loved ones can follow and easily remember should there be a fire.

If you have children, it’s important to teach them the stop, drop, and roll technique and that they should never touch a metal doorknob when there’s a fire.

Check Your Wiring

For those of you who live in an older home, the aging wiring in your electrical system should be thoroughly checked by a trained electrician. Although living in an older, vintage home can be great, you’re bound to run into problems with the wiring sooner or later.

If you can’t afford to have the wiring completely overhauled, having a trained electrician check the wiring routinely should eliminate any major problems down the road. More importantly, you won’t be caught off guard by a massive electrical fire.

Keep Your Yard Free of Debris

Another practical fire safety tip is to keep your yard free of debris. More specifically, keep it free of piles of certain combustible materials like bark, mulch or compost. These materials can become combustible and set fire during dry seasons if someone tosses so much as a cigarette in the wrong direction.

Things to Avoid

Sometimes it’s not about what you do to prevent a fire, it’s about what not to do, like leaving food on the stove or in the fryer unattended. Countless house fires begin and rage out of control simply because someone stepped away from the kitchen while cooking food.

Space heaters are another thing that you should avoid. While convenient as a heating solution, space heaters start a lot of fires. Although some of them are designed to be safer than others, it’s just not worth the risk.

Call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown for Fire Damage Restoration and Repairs

Here at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown, we care about the communities we serve. This is why we cooked up these helpful tips. While we’d love to have your business, we sincerely hope that your home will never be damaged by a fire.

If your home has fire damage, we can help, get in touch with one of our technicians at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown!

What Steps are Needed to Restore Your Commercial Building after Flood Damage?

11/13/2020 (Permalink)

restore commercial building after flood damage Flooding in a commercial building after a Kansas City storm.

Flooding can cause terrible and sometimes irreparable damage to residential homes. However, flooding can also inflict unfathomable amounts of damage to commercial buildings. What happens when your commercial building is soaked in water and you find all of the paneling peeling off due to water damage? You need a professional repair service to come out and start making things right.

What to Do When Your Commercial Building Has Flood Damage

So what exactly happens when a commercial building that you own experiences flooding? For one thing, the flooding is going to decimate your wood paneling, wallpaper, and other similar materials throughout the structure. That means that you’re going to need to call in a restoration service to remove and replace all of that material.

Any time that a commercial building that you own has flood damage, one of the first things that you’re going to have to do is close it down for repairs. The second thing that you’ll need to do is call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown.

The Challenges of Restoring Commercial Property Affected by Flooding

One of the most challenging aspects of handling commercial flood damage is the paperwork. By the unfortunate virtue of being a commercial building, there will be a substantial amount of paperwork involved when trying to provide the appropriate repair and restoration efforts.

Completing the kind of paperwork that’s involved in restoring a commercial building that’s been damaged by flooding can be much more complicated than one might think.

Professional commercial cleaning and restoration services like SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown know how to handle the paperwork and speed things along so that you’re not stuck waiting a ridiculous amount of time before your building is restored.

The Importance of Expedience When Repairing Flood Damage

After your commercial building has been ravaged by flooding, you might find that you feel sorry for yourself and don’t want to deal with it. That would be a big mistake. As bad as things are, you still need to take care of the building and take responsibility. Although the damage caused by flooding is extensive, you’ll need to pull yourself together and put a plan into action.

Remember, the longer you wait to address it, the more expensive your problem will be. The best thing to do is to get serious and get on it fast! When you call a company like SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown, you’ll get expedient service at an affordable price. This means you’ll be able to open up the business in a timely manner.

Most businesses can’t afford to stay closed due to complications from flooding or anything else. The longer you stay closed for repairs the more money you’ll lose. This is why it’s so important to call a 24/7 service like SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown to get the job done.

Eradicate Commercial Flood Damage By Calling SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown

Commercial flood damage can grind your business to a screeching halt. Don’t stay down. Get back on your feet by calling the flooding restoration experts at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown. We know how to deal with flooding, and our expertly trained teams have a wealth of experience in restoring commercial buildings that have been damaged by flooding.

Don’t let flood damage keep you down, get on the phone with the restoration professionals at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown today!

Tips for Preventing Commercial Water Damage

11/6/2020 (Permalink)

preventing commercial water damage in Kansas City - image of flooded bathroom Water damage in a Kansas City commercial building.

Commercial buildings can make you a lot of money depending on what you do with them. Whether you own a series of stores or warehouses, it’s imperative that you protect your commercial property from water damage.

One of the worst things for a commercial building, or any building for that matter, is water damage. The more that you invest in water damage prevention, the more money you’ll save down the line. Here are some key water damage prevention tips to help you save money on commercial maintenance, restoration, and repairs.

Keep Your Roof and Windows Well-Maintained

A roof that’s in poor condition is one of the leading causes of water damage to both homes and commercial buildings. Once the roof starts to fall into disrepair, the interior of the structure will be exposed to the elements. Rainfall and snow can get in through the cracks or holes in your roof and start causing some serious damage.

Poorly maintained windows are another common source of water damage. When the seal goes, water flows, and you’ll have water pouring into the building every time it rains.

Try to keep the area around any windows in the building free of clutter. A buildup of clutter like crates or overhead materials can make it hard to spot a leak around the seam of the window. The sooner you spot a leak, the less expensive it will be to have repaired.

By keeping the roof and windows well-maintained, you’ll greatly reduce your chances of experiencing serious water damage.

Commit to a Regular Maintenance Schedule on Pipes and Plumbing Systems

Some of the most devastating cases of water damage to commercial buildings involve problems with pipes and plumbing. Most of these problems could have been avoided by having routine maintenance performed on the pipes and plumbing systems.

For commercial buildings, it’s recommended that you have the pipes and plumbing system inspected once a year, or at least biannually.

Unless you schedule the inspection on a day that you’d normally be closed, you’ll probably need to close down the building on the day of the inspection. This might mean that you miss out on a little business. At the end of the day, missing one day’s worth of business is trivial compared to how long you’d have to stay closed if the building has been flooded from busted pipes.

Update Appliances and Clean Out Your HVAC

HVAC units generate a lot of water through condensation. When they’re not cleaned out or properly maintained, that water can end up in your building and cause a lot of damage. Many HVAC systems are equipped with a condensation reservoir, but if that reservoir isn’t cleaned out regularly, the excess water will begin to cause damage to your building.

All kinds of commonly used appliances in commercial buildings can leak if they're older or in disrepair and cause surprisingly extensive water damage. The most common way that appliances can cause serious water damage in a commercial building is when the leak is caused by ruptured hoses. In order to prevent this from happening and saving yourself some money, not to mention a killer headache, be sure to keep the building’s appliances updated and in good condition.

Make Commercial Water Damage Disappear by Calling SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown

While these tips will certainly help you keep your commercial structures safe from water damage, anything can happen. If your building has water damage, you can trust the professional technicians at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown to repair, refresh, and restore the property.

When your commercial building has water damage, it’s time to call the experts at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown!

Why SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown are the Experts You Need for Fire Restoration

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damaged kitchen Damage caused to a Kansas City home after a kitchen fire.

Fire can cause more damage than almost any other possible disaster affecting a property. It burns homes into piles of dust. For those of you who have experienced a house fire and are left with extensive and traumatizing damage to your home, what do you do when your home is riddled with fire damage? You call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown and help will be on the way. With 24/7 service, you can count on SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown to solve your fire restoration issues and restore your home to its former glory. Here's what you need to know about fire restoration and why SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown is your best bet anytime you need fire restoration services!

What to Do When Fire Strikes

Although it’s certainly possible to reduce the chances of having a fire, nothing offers 100% immunity. That said, there are some things that you should keep in mind that can help you whenever there’s a fire in the household or even in a commercial building.

After a fire has spread through a home or commercial structure, it’s important to open up all of the windows and doors to reduce the damage inflicted by fire and smoke.

Another thing that you should do after a fire, especially if it knocked out your electricity, is to empty the food from your freezer and refrigerator. Once a fire has fried your electricity, you’ll have to find alternative means of preserving all of the food that you had stored in your fridge and freezer.

How the Fire Restoration Process Works

The fire restoration process is highly effective when it's done right by professional restoration services like SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown. It all starts with the emergency contact. As soon as you call us, we’ll send a team to assess the damage. The assessment will include an analysis of how far the smoke and fire damage spread through your home, and how badly it affected walls, furniture, and upholstery, etc.

Upon assessing the damage, our team will tarp any holes that the fire burnt into the home, especially on the roof to prevent water damage. Next, we will go about cleaning everything up so that the home is safe and easy to work in. Finally, our team will administer any repairs and restoration that are needed.

Odor Removal After Fire Damage

If your home isn't completely burnt to the ground after a fire, odds are it’s going to have some hellacious odor issues. Fortunately, the professionals at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown know how to take care of those odors and eradicate them from your home. 

When you think about it, aside from brats, burgers, and hot dogs, there aren’t many things that smell good after being on fire. Just think about all of the materials in your home and how those materials will smell after a fire. Carpet, wallpaper, and upholstery all have a bad habit of smelling pretty rank after being set on fire. SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown can remove those horrible odors from your home and repair any other fire damage that has afflicted the property. With 24/7 availability, SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown should be your first choice in fire damage restoration services.

Fight Fire with Fire, by Calling the Experts at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown

House fires are serious and the best way to remedy the damages that they inflict is by enlisting the help of professional restoration services like SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown.

Serious fire damage calls for serious help, do your home a favor and call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown!

Flood Damage in Your Kansas City Home? Contact SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown!

10/22/2020 (Permalink)

flood damage restoration - air movers in Kansas City home Flood damage restoration cleaning after a Kansas City storm.

Flooding can wreak havoc on a home, the cruel destruction is indescribably devastating. No one wants to think that a flood could come to ruin their home, but oftentimes, this is exactly what happens. If you have flood insurance, you at least won’t have to worry as much financially. However, that does little to remedy the sorrow and emotional pain of losing some of your most cherished possessions.

When a flood hits and tears up a neighborhood, people need assistance, and they need help from someone that cares about the community. While neighbors often team up to help each other in these situations, the damage left by most floods is far too great to take on independently. If a flood hits your home, you need to get SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown on the phone.

We clean, fix and restore what others can’t and we’re the best at what we do. Unlike other companies offering similar services, we’re available to help 24/7 with exceptional talent.

Let’s face it, someone watching their belongings float back and forth in 4 feet of water throughout their home isn’t going to want to wait 5-6 days for someone to help clean out the water and fix everything. The truth is, in these situations, you shouldn’t have to wait, you deserve immediate service. With SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown, that’s exactly what you get! Our highly trained teams of restoration specialists are always at the ready and are more than capable of clearing out the water and performing all of the necessary repairs to make your home whole again. You won’t get this kind of service from any other company. This is just one of the many reasons why you should call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown after a flood!

What Needs to Be Done

Whenever there’s flood damage you’ll need to have a wide variety of things removed, restored, and repaired. You’ll need to have things such as wallpaper, wallboard, and wood paneling removed and replaced. 

Water can cause a tremendous amount of damage to any home, especially when it comes to certain materials like wood paneling and wallpaper. Materials like this have to be replaced, there is no way around it. If you try to paint over it, the water damage will just seep on through and waste your time and money. There really is no substitute for professional repairs and restoration.

Get it Done Fast and Get it Done Right, with SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown

Flood damage isn’t something that you put on the back burner. It’s something to take seriously and handle right away. Your home is more valuable than you think, and you need to make every effort to protect it and keep it in good condition. That means you can’t afford to procrastinate and should handle flood damage promptly and properly.

If you have flood damage in your home, you need to get in touch with a reliable restoration service right away. You need to call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown.

When You Have Flood Damage to Your Home, Your Need SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown

Any time that you have flood damage to your home, you’re going to need to call a company like SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown. Why should you call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown? You should call us because we’re the only ones that can help you overcome the challenges of serious flood damage on a 24/7 basis.

If you have flood damage and don’t know how to fix it, have a chat with SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown!

Mold, Fire, or Water Damage? How SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown Can Help Restore Your Home

10/15/2020 (Permalink)

Equipment in kitchen Professional SERVPRO equipment used in the restoration of a Kansas City home after water damage.

Being a homeowner is pretty great, but it’s also a lot of responsibility. You worked hard to get where you are today and it’s your responsibility to take good care of it. If you take good care of your home, it’ll take care of you. Mold, fire, and water damage comprise the trinity of a homeowner’s nightmare.

Any of these three types of damage, individually, can be ruinous to a home. When combined, the damage is even worse. This kind of damage can be overwhelming, leaving homeowners frazzled and struggling to decide where to begin. Fortunately, the solution is easier than you think. When your home has mold, fire, or water damage, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown!

Why You Should Call Right Away

Whether it’s mold, fire, or water damage, it’s imperative that you call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown right away. Mold can spread through a house in as little as 48 hours. The longer it goes unfixed, the worse the damage will be, and the more expensive it will be to have it corrected. The same is true of water damage. It doesn’t go away, it just keeps getting worse until it’s fixed properly.

SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown specializes in repairing, cleaning, and restoring homes that have suffered all kinds of damage including mold, water, and fire damage. Even if you consider yourself to be an expert handyman, these types of damages are nothing to mess around with. 

Not only do they require years of specialized training to handle properly, but they’re also potentially dangerous to work on. Trying to remove mold on your own without the appropriate equipment can be hazardous to your health.

Being around mold causes potentially severe health effects and stirring it up while trying to get rid of it by yourself will just make those problems even worse.

What We Do

SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown is an all-in-one service that cleans, repairs, and restores almost any type of damage imaginable. Our technicians are expertly trained and dedicated to restoring your home to good condition. We work on homes that have been ravaged by water damage, fire, damage, and even mold. We also perform odor removal services.

Fire Damage - Our fire damage restoration specialists are fire and smoke restoration, odor control, fabric, and upholstery cleaning. 

Water Damage - You can count on our highly trained team to assess, inspect, and restore homes affected by water damage.

Mold - We know how to stop mold in its tracks and can provide you with the expertise of water restoration specialists to ensure that your water is purified as we eradicate mold from your home. 

No home is too far gone for us to bring it back. When you call our team of professional technicians you can expect us to send the best, because that’s what you and your home deserve.

Need for Speed

Unlike other companies, SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown is faster to any disaster. This means we’ll get there faster than almost anyone else. Our lines are always open and there’s a team ready at all times. You can call our 24/7 emergency service any time day or night.

SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown, at Your Service!

If your home is riddled with mold, water, or fire damage and you don’t know what to do, call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown. We have the know-how, the talent, and the experience to restore your home.

Call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown today, and let us take your stress away!

Why is Professional Commercial Restoration Cleaning so Important?

10/8/2020 (Permalink)

professional commercial restoration cleaning Kansas City - image of room with equipment on floor Professional commercial restoration cleaning at a Kansas City business.

Professional commercial restoration cleaning is among the most vital services available to owners of commercial property. Let’s face it, most commercial properties get a lot of wear and tear over the years, especially multifamily housing units and office complexes. Why is professional commercial restoration cleaning so important? You’re about to find out!

What Can Go Wrong, and Why You’ll Need a Professional Commercial Restoration Cleaning Service

There’s a lot that can go wrong with a commercial structure, especially if it’s an older one. Commercial buildings can be damaged by mold, water, fire, or most unfortunate of all, a sewage backup. You hear about that kind of stuff happening all the time, but most people never think that it could actually happen to their own properties. Unfortunately, it can, and as time goes on, the chances of experiencing at least one of the preceding types of damage rises steeply.

At this point, you might be thinking that you still won’t need a professional commercial restoration cleaning service because you’re on top of everything and confident that you can prevent any such damage. While confidence is great, you’re going to need something more than a little bravado to fall back on.

Fire is spontaneous, you never know when or how one might start, especially since it might not even start in your building at all. For example, say you did everything right, you bought a bunch of smoke detectors, had them installed, check them regularly, and replace the batteries. What happens if the owner of the building next to you didn’t do any of that stuff? What if that owner doesn’t have any functioning smoke detectors in their building and they have an ancient electrical system? The building will burn and it’ll probably set your building on fire too because they’re so close together, that’s what’s going to happen.

Now consider this, after paying a professional plumber to inspect and maintain the pipes in your building for several years, there’s a flood. No one has any control over flooding, it just happens, and always at the most inopportune time, it would seem. After a flood, providing that your structure is still standing, there will be a substantial amount of water damage, and that damage will have to be fixed by a professional commercial restoration service like SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown.

When you have damage from mold, fire, or water, that damage has to be repaired professionally, there’s just no other substitute.

Why You Should Look Into Partnering with a Professional Commercial Restoration Cleaning Service Ahead of Time

When it comes to finding a reliable professional commercial restoration cleaning service, it pays to be proactive. You don’t want to be stuck combing through reviews while your building is still spewing mold, crumbling from fire damage, or soaking wet.

Savvy commercial property owners know that it’s best to have someone lined up that they can call day or night, someone they can trust to get the job done right, someone like SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown. 

Partner with a Commercial Cleaning and Restoration Service You Can Trust: SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown

Now that you know more about why it’s so important to have a professional commercial cleaning and restoration service on hand, it’s time to make a decision. Do you want to partner with some sketchy outfit that you heard from the friend of a friend of a friend? Or do you want to partner with the kind of business that countless companies across Kansas City and around the nation have trusted for years? That’s what we thought.

If you own a commercial building, it’s time to connect with SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown, call today!

Are You Dealing With a Disaster Following a Fire or Flood? SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown Responds Immediately

10/1/2020 (Permalink)

Fire flood disaster SERVPRO Kansas City Midtown responds immediately Emergency restoration immediately after a Kansas City flood.

There is no such thing as a good disaster, there are only disasters that cause various degrees of damage. Tornadoes are catastrophic and leave widespread destruction in their wake. Fires and flooding are two of the most horrific destructive types of disasters that anyone can experience. They ravage homes and destroy property indiscriminately. So what happens after a fire or a flood tears through your community?

To say that there’s going to be a lot of cleaning up to do would be an understatement. There will also be extensive repairs to be made as a monumental restoration effort will be needed to bring homes in the area back up to snuff. Here’s what you need to know about SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown and how we can help. 

Why You Should Contact SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown When There’s a Flood or Fire?

When it comes to fire and flood damage, there are a lot of companies out there offering restoration services. How are you to make the best decision on flood or fire restoration services?

For one thing, SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown is available 24/7, meaning, even if you call at 4:00 in the morning after discovering you left the stove on when making mac n cheese, you can count on SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown to make it to your home in a timely manner and start performing the necessary repairs. 

Expediency aside, another reason why you should turn to SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown for all of your sewage backup repairs and restoration needs is the fact that our teams are professionally trained and exhibit a genuine concern for our customers.

The Importance of Speedy Service After a Flood or Fire

Any time there is a flood or fire, the expediency of relief efforts is critical. The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage will be down the road. Fire and flood damage becomes more intensive and significantly more expensive to correct over time. Folks who call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown receive 24/7 service from highly trained teams. Our years of experience and 24/7 service is the reason we are the 1st choice of countless homeowners across the country.

Remember, the faster that you call, and the faster that you get service, the more you’ll save on restoration costs.

Dealing with Fire or Flood? Give SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown a Call for 24/7 Relief

SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown is the premier destination for all fire and flood restoration services. Believe it or not, our 24/7 availability is not our strong point, our strong point is the fact that we look after every single customer that we serve. Remember, if you’re calling us, odds are you’re not having a good time, to begin with. By the time people call us, they’re in the middle of a disaster, and SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown makes that disaster more bearable by providing superior service at an affordable cost. 

Whether it’s fire or flood damage, call SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown for the best service around!

How Does Smoke Damage Affect the Contents in Your Kansas City Home?

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

smoke damage affects contents in a Kansas City home Smoke damage following a fire in a Kansas City home.

A fire can destroy your property and cause serious, irreversible damage. The flames move from one item to another, burning everything into ash. The heat created by the flames radiate, causing the surrounding items to crack, melt, and in some cases shatter. After the flames are put out, you have to deal with smoke damage.

If smoke damage is not addressed, it can devastate your home along with everything inside it. Smoke damage can even occur in rooms the fire never reached. For example, during wildfires, businesses and homes have been totally ruined just from the smoke while the building stayed untouched by the flames.

Even a small fire that is put out quickly may still cause smoke damage to the items inside. Also, smoke can impact your home’s structure. That is why cleaning up soot and smoke right away after a fire is so crucial. Smoke acts like an acid and can start to corrode many different materials if left too long.

If fire strikes a structure or home, or if you live near areas that are prone to wildfires, you must act fast to reduce the damage that occurs. Professional smoke damage restoration specialists can quickly assess the damage and create a customized mitigation plan to make sure your home is clear of all fire related damages.

What Can You Salvage?

The answer to this question depends on the extent of the damage and what something is made of. You also need to consider the cost of salvaging some items. You can work with a smoke damage specialist to figure out what items you should clean and which ones you should replace or discard.

How Will Smoke Impact Your Home?

Smoke affects materials in unique ways. Also, the type and temperature of the fire will result in different types of smoke damage through your home. One of the worst ways smoke can cause damage is if it gets into small crevices and cracks, since the particles are so small.

In fact, these issues often go undetected for a long time, leaving that lingering smell of smoke that may last for several months. The best way to remove the smell from your home is by removing or cleaning the affected items and to clean the building materials in the home with agents that are designed to remove the smell. Having this handled as quickly as possible will reduce the potential of cross-contamination.

How Quickly Do You Need to Act?

Time is something that is of the essence when you are talking about smoke damage. The sooner that you act, the more likely you will be to prevent serious damage. For example, there are some materials like porous items and synthetic fires that need intervention within hours of exposure to be saved.

The components of your house or building like painted walls and floors must be addressed quickly. Metal surfaces may corrode and rust when soot and smoke particles sit on them too long. The longer you do not deal with smoke damage, the more extensive the damage is going to get and the cost to mitigate it will keep going up. The best way to know for sure is by getting in touch with the professionals at SERVPRO of Kansas City Midtown.