Recent Before & After Photos

Pipe Burst in a Master Bedroom

This master bedroom had a flood from a frozen pipe that burst while the home owner was at work. The residents didn't catch the water leak until hours after... READ MORE

Flooded Basement

This flooded basement in Kansas City was the result of a broken pipe. The water caused extensive damage throughout the finished basement. Th... READ MORE

Server Blade Restoration

This is a before and after of a server blade from a local Olathe bank server. The bank had a small fire and as you can see there was soot residue left behi... READ MORE

Electronic Equipment Cleaning Saved $35,270

This oscilloscope, which are used to observe the change of an electrical signal over time, such that voltage and time describe a shape which is continuousl... READ MORE

Office Building Flood

This office was flooded as a result of a burst pipe from the office that was located above them. The water was gushing out of the pipe for over an hour because ... READ MORE

Flooded Walk-in Basement

This flooded basement in Kansas City was the result of a flash flood from Indian creek that runs through their backyard, typically not a flash flood area b... READ MORE